M1.1 Showcase

During my Bachelor education, I developed a broad base of design experience. Starting my final Bachelor project, I felt like I had strongly developed my aesthetic and ideation skills, but my prototyping and social cultural approach were lacking. I initially chose this project to fill these gaps, but in the end it opened a lot of interesting doors to subjects that really fascinate me; how users interact with each other around a product in public spaces, and how the relation of a product and user can be beyond that of a mere functional tool.


 My final project felt like a stepping stone; the product I designed was one that connected the digital and the physical world, and took place in a public space setting where users shaped the functionality and appearance of a product by using it together. From this I derived a direction to develop myself in. My vision is still not as clear as I’d like it to be; I will try and make it more concrete throughout this semester through the several modules, activities and the project.






         nicky liebregts / 2015











Bachelor Depth


During my Bachelor education, I have aimed at gaining a sufficient depth that was required of me before I started this master. I feel like I have gained the expected depth in every competency. I had the opportunity to develop some competencies even further, focusing on Ideas and Concepts through the application of many different idea generation and conceptualisation techniques, User Focus and Perspective through a large series of assignments, and Forms and Senses through visual and auditory exploration

Gaining Expertise


My focus during the Master will be to reach a level of expertise in some competencies, shaping my skills into a unique niche that sets me apart from other design students. Already I have began to focus more on Ideas & Concepts and User Focus & Perspective, through my appreciation for products as social platforms, and I hope to further develop the Socio Cultural Awareness competency to add to this mix. In my projects as well as alongside it, I will continue developing my Forms & Senses competency through making music and visual explorations.