Moving towards a professional career as a designer, my coming months will be filled with the building of the Any:Day:Now installation, as well as working as a freelance designer for Studio Knol and Arvid Jense.


I will be giving workshops for children to help them engage with electronics and spark their creativity through the making of small musical monsters. I will help design part of an interactive project that makes quantum entanglement accessible to consumers to help them reflect on what impact this development might have in our future.

I also want to take the opportunity to spend time in making art and music, and expanding on the projects I have to built an exhibition together with a photography artist, combining our strengths.


I want to use the following months to find a job position where I can work as an experience designer for a studio that shares my design vision. Ideally, it would be a design studio that through social design, applies design to relevant societal issues that will have an impact on our near future. I feel ready for the next adventure.




Erased, Self Portrait (2016)